About Me

Jim Labraco Floral Arts, for the last 30 years, is specializing in custom wedding floral and event design, ranging from Mediterranean chic to Edgy till Modern romance.
All designs are created with artisan craftsmanship.

Jimmy Labrakopoulos celebrates those three decades in the wedding and event industry, with a rebranding, equal to a universe in a flower: blooming effortlessly and smoothly.

Curating and designing your big day or social event florals like your dreamt universe springing. Looking forward whilst reflecting to the past, with a grand florist background in New York City, now based in Athens-Greece, he considers himself as a Flower Imagineer.

From approachable refinement to chic sophistication, Jim Labraco delivers impeccable floral design that will awe your guests giving you complete peace of mind and a day to be remembered. Creating Couture Flower though impeccable wedding arches, spectacular floral walls, whimsical table runners and inspiring wedding bouquets, or Edgy and Extraordinary floral ceiling installations, is worldwide available, apart from Greece mainland and Greek islands.

‘Our artistic core never shorts of fantasy. Throughout history, people have seen flowers as vessels to project a variety of meanings and messages. Now we want to create a modern-day fairytale feel: We truly create discreet or jaw-dropping floral poetry, for all brides, grooms and attendees, to discover, enjoy and explore.’’

Aim to awaken the senses while and after floral designing, in which to more ponder people’s relationship with nature’s art and connect to a deeper state of mind.